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How iOS 14 has stolen features from Android — and made them so much better

Monday Apple inaugurate iOS 14– And if you’re an Android user, the “new” OS might seem a little unfamiliar. The latest update to the iPhone operating system, due to release this fall, promises improvements including a new home screen, smarter navigation, faster apps, and a cool coat of paint on everything. And it’s clear that … Read more

Guide the enemy ad to cut rope

For some cord-cutting, extricating themselves from cable isn’t just about a lower TV bill. It’s also about escaping from advertising. When you hole cable or satellite TV, it is possible to set up a plan in which you will never have to sit at commercial breaks again. While the right combination of hardware and streaming … Read more

Tallying the benefits of moving cloud apps – Gigaom

Stay up to date with enterprise technology trends Get updates that impact your industry from our GigaOm Research Community GigaOm last week updated a benchmark report we published in August titled “The costs and benefits of migrating .NET applications to the cloud,” by GigaOm Analyst Ned Bellavance. write. That report details some of the driving … Read more