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Best Wireless Mouse 2021: Top Rated Performers

If you still think of wireless mice as laggy, battery-sucking substitutes for a real mouse, we have good news for you. Mouse manufacturers are largely solving the latency, connection, and power-efficiency issues that once blighted these devices. The best of today’s wireless mice rivals their wired counterparts in performance, battery life, features, and design. There … Read more

Best DVR for cord cutting 2021

Here’s the hard truth of cutting code now: the ideal on-air DVR doesn’t exist. While some products are better than others, all of them — from Tables to TiVo HDHomeRun and Plex — have at least one critical weakness. If you want to record TV channels broadcast from an antenna, you must decide which of … Read more

GTA V – The Most Comprehensive Review for 2021


How does Grand Theft Auto V differ from other GTA series? In fact, GTA V is a leap forward for the GTA series. It features a better storyline and player role-play experience. In other words, it has a more gripping, thrilling, darkly comic story. It also gives players more freedom to explore an extraordinary open … Read more