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Watch Part Royale: Fortnite will stream 3 Christopher Nolan in-game movies this Friday

The “watch party” craze occurs Fortnite, and the popular wild battle game Royale seeks to host a trio of classic Chrisopher Nolan movies this Friday — and yes, you’ll be able to watch for free.

Creation, Batman Begins, and The prestige is there three Nolan cops who will be broadcasting at Party Royale, Fortnite’s new non-violent social space.

The particular Nolan movie that you will be able to see will depend on your region. In the United States, Creation is the pick, and will stream three times on Friday: once at 8 am ET, a second time at 8 pm ET, and a third time at 11:55 pm ET. To see which movies will stream in your region, visit this page and select your country from the pull-down menu.

When showtime arrives, just head for the big screen of the Royale, which is on the west side of the island.

The news of the free Nolan tests comes about a month Party Royale played host to the trailer for Principles, Nolan’s latest mind-bending opposite.

Game season, the studio behind Fortnite, Promises that subtitles will be available for movies, and also warns against streaming or recording movies, so you don’t run into anti-piracy and DCMA policies.

The “watch party” trend was a welcome during the coronavirus pandemic, with Hulu and Plex recently ushering in their own look-along features, among many other third-party tools.

Of course, Fortnite adds a whole different dimension to the party viewing phenomenon, allowing friends and strangers alike to watch movies while their avatars do the flossing and doing other Fortnite emotes.

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