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Opera integrates Twitter into the new Opera 69 browser

Opera’s browser already includes a sidebar with links to several messaging apps. Now the company has added Twitter support, too, as part of Opera 69.

Twitter, such as Instagram, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and other messaging apps, will reside in the Opera’s sidebar, which lives on the left rail by default. Sidebars have become increasingly the way in which some browsers, such as Firefox and Vivaldi, have integrated additional functionality.

With Opera 69, Twitter can be integrated into the sidebar, though you’ll have to enable it. To do this, click the three-dot icon at the bottom of the sidebar, then click Twitter in Messages section. (This will probably require you to click a little Show more links as well to expand the Messenger section.) Twitter’s main feed, the search function, as well as direct messaging are all enabled — the framed version is essentially a web widget, and even Twitter’s new Twitter scheduling function is enabled.

Opera’s blog seems to understand that users can have dozens of tabs open at one time, which causes users frustration to find a specific table like Twitter. “In simple terms: Whether it’s a Throwback Thursday or a #Saturday, no one likes to waste time looking for the table where Twitter was last opened,” Opera said in its announcement.

Opera 69 includes some additional tweaks to the UI. There’s a new weather widget on the new-tab page, which must be manually configured in your own location. The visual-table cycler, (Ctrl-Tab) that works a lot like Alt-Tab made for Windows apps, they made it bigger. You can also right-click a tab and assign it to an Opera Workspace, Opera name given to its user-configurable group of tabs.

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